SEG Keder BTS (Better than Silicone) is formulated to be environmentally friendly and perfect for tensioned printed fabrics.

Being a Phthalate-Free, 100% non-PVC product, recyclable, free of estrogen mimics solution, it allows now working on textile finishing in a sustainable way.

SEG Keder BTS is compatible with virtually all SEG frame systems, enabling uniformly tensioned fabric panels as an ideal solution for decoration and communication.

Stitched on the perimeter of the printed fabrics, the keder is pressed into the aluminum profile, turning the fabric into a flat surface without folds or creases, perfect for impactful, easily removable and renewable communication.

Wide scope of application: Lightboxes, Museums and Showrooms, Window Display, POS and Offices and interior architecture environments.

A sustainable solution

In short, TPEs represent an enormous contribution to circular economy policies; allow constant reuse and procedural reintroduction, without impairing product performance, with economic benefits, simple and short transformation processes, and always meeting the desired requirements. The manufacture of TPEs combines circular policies with great quality in its applications.





Natural Translucid


200 meters cardboard reel - 2 reels in a carton box


12 mm x 3 mm

14 mm x 3 mm

Produced in