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A SEAS kit to install on your sewing system

Get more from a standard machine

The SEAS Universal Kit is a set of accessories that transform a normal sewing machine into a high quality and productivity machine to sew Silicone or PVC keder.


The focus on the development of this solution was to allow companies that already own a sewing machine to start or significantly increase the finishing of textile panels with Silicone or PVC Keder.


With a quick and easy installation, which can be done by any employee of the company, with intuitive use without the need for training, simple maintenance and reduced delivery times, this is the right solution for anyone who wants to be present in one of the areas of highest growth in the Soft Signage world.

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how it works

SEAS Universal Kit is composed of three parts:

Reel holder, Feeder and Guide.


The Reel Holder is the component that contains the Silicone reel and allows it to be unwound evenly. The Feeder, as the name pronounces, feeds the Silicone into the machine, in an even way, making it unwind just enough. The guide, assures the perfect alignment between the silicone/PVC and the fabric, making it easier to sew at a high-speed rate.

Silicone reel holder that allows easy placement of the reel and a controlled unwind, preventing the silicone being too tight or too loose.


Reel Holder



Automatic system that feeds the sewing head with the amount of silicone needed to perform the job.



System placed next to the footer that is responsible for aligning the silicone/PVC with the fabric panel.

Are you prepared for the

SEAS Universal Kit to change your production?

If you are in the image and printing industry, focusing on digital large format and still aren’t in the SEG market, SEAS Universal Kit is the perfect system to start sewing Silicone/PVC Keder on your printed panels, allowing you to be part of this fast-growing communication SEGment.