SEG Keder BTS coil

Meevo presents the new SEG Keder BTS, a sustainable solution formulated to be ecological and environmentaly friendly.

The new Keder BTS is totally free from PVC and Phtalate and recyclable, characteristics that allow us to ensure an excelent work, now with the garantee of sustainable textile finishing in a wide scope of application:

  • Lightboxes to Museums and Showrooms,
  • Window Display,
  • POS and Offices,
  • Interior Architecture

Moreover, Keder BTS keeps the promise of compatibility with virtually all SEG frame systems, enabling uniformly tensioned fabrics panels, as an ideal solution for decoration and communication.

By presenting this new Keder BTS, Meevo reveals its concern with the environment and sustainability, keeping the garantee of product quality and reliability.

Further information about the product is available here.

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