The beginning of a new era

This year, SGIA opened new award categories, having MEEVO competed in the “Product Finishing-Sewing” category with MX Event with SEAS.

SGIA’s Product of the Year competition showcases digital imaging products that keep the imaging specialty industry moving forward. So, this recognition shows that MX Event solves an existing problem in the production line – keeping up with the production rate.

We´re honored for this award, being such a strong credibility statement.

MEEVO´s team receiving the Product of the Year Award, handed by Ray Weiss

2018 SGIA Product of the Year

LAS Vegas

We´ve had the three most incredible days.

This edition received more than 24 000 registrants, 612 suppliers on the sold-out expo exhibit floor, 72 expert-led education sessions and a host of networking events. Attendees were inspired by the latest innovations and by “what’s on the horizon” for the printing industry.

For MEEVO MKF, this fair represented more than one hundred visitors in MEEVO´s booth and the very first sold MX Event with SEAS to Germany.

The Product of the Year prize really boosted companies interest on MX Event.

This recognition made a great impact on our journey!

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