NEW MEEVO MKF Functional Finishing Machines

  What is SEAS


Joining Panels


Do more with the workforce you already have

automatic silicone or PVC keder sewing system that doesn’t need a sewing specialist

The MX Event with SEAS is a Silicone or PVC keder sewing system that does not require a seam specialist to achieve perfect results.


Besides this function, it also automatically joins large format panels with great quality and perfect alignment.


The focus of this high automation is to offer a sewing solution that can be used in a simple way by any employee of the company - achieve more with the existing workforce.



MX Event with SEAS has won SGIA’s Product of the Year for “Product Finishing – Sewing”.


SGIA’S Product of the Year competition showcases digital imaging products that keeps the imaging speciality industry moving forward.

Newcomers to the SEAS family

A perfect match for MX EVENT

The Multi-Reel Holder increases the available linear capacity of Silicone or PVC Keder, up to 1200 meters, avoiding the time-consuming stops to replace coils.


Alternatively you can use the Multi-Reel Holder to have different types of Keder available at a glance.



*The Multi-Reel Holder is also available for standard sewing systems

The label dispenser makes adhesive labels available quickly and automatically.


Our easy-to-apply adhesive labels help reduce application time on fabric prints.




*The Label Dispenser is also available for standard sewing systems

how it works

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The MX Event with SEAS is a fully automatic machine developed to sew Silicone or PVC Keder strips to textile banners. This machine can also join panels with an incredible accurate alignment, to form extra large panels. It’s equipped with a high end overlocker that assures a high speed working pace and the most perfect result.