FESPA 2013


MEEVO has been developing and manufacturing, since 2010, functional finishing machines for the Large Format Printing Industry that operates on SEG and Fabric Display markets.

SGIA 2013


To be Top-of-mind awareness brand when thinking on Finishing Machines for SEG and Fabric Display products.


To Invent, Design, Develop, and Manufacture Highly Specialized and Reliable Finishing Machines, for all Large Format Printing companies producing SEG and Fabric Display products, with focus on maximum automation precision and productivity.

What we do

Our founder’s knowledge, of more than two decades, on the Large Format Printing Industry, combined with the skills of our great engineers made it possible to develop the most advanced SEG sewing machine in the world, the MKF MX EVENT with SEAS. Our solutions, at different automation levels, aim to be the most efficient that you can find on this specific market.

We are focus on three functions of fabric finishing:

· Cutting of panels

· Fastening and joint of panels

· SEG sewing

Meevo Group

At the end of the first decade there was a strong growth of Fabric Display printing. Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) technology was the rising star that was already seen as the future of the Display market.

This new technology brought new challenges due to the specificity of its manufacturing process and because many of Large Format Printing companies were newcomers to the market and had none or almost zero experience on Fabric Printing and Finishing. Also, the SEG Frame Systems were of some complexity, Light Boxes were being developed with (yet new at the time) LED light technology. All these factors combined were the great inspiration that led to the creation of the MEEVO group in 2010 by its founders.

Our Business

MEEVO group operates in two business areas:

Development, Manufacture and Distribution of MEEVO MKF machines and consumables.

Distribution of: SEG Frames and LED Light Systems; Fabric Printing Media for Latex, Dye-Sub and UV; Technical Fabrics and Tension Systems for Interior Design and Architecture.

MEEVO group is a corporate brand, MEEVO MKF is a registered trademark.

New Headquarters

Looking towards the future, Meevo Group has recently invested in new facilities such as new office, showroom and a modern manufacture plant with 5 times more production capacity than the previous one.

Based in the north of Portugal, near the fascinating and vibrant city of Porto and only 10 minutes away from Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport.

We have been contributing to enhance SEG Industries in more than 25 countries. We´ll be glad to provide the best solutions wherever you are.