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Your privacy and your data protection is, and always will be, a commitment and priority for us.


MEEVO MKF is committed to deal with all the information given by our partners, clients and stakeholders, in compliance with the general data protection regulation.

The property of the website focuses on the texts, images, sounds, and intellectual property of each of the contents present.



MEEVO MKF’s website is property of MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda., registered with NIPC 510240755, located in Zona Industrial Maia I, Sector IX, Rua Engº João Tallone, nº 94, Apartado 6122, 4470-516 Maia.


MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. guarantees respect for the safety of all website visitors.


The Privacy Policy set forth in this document is intended to present the rules for collecting and processing data provided by users, as well as disclosing their rights to its access and alteration, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

The Company


The collection and processing of all personal data is the responsibility of MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda.


The personal data collected will be subsequently stored and processed by MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda., for the sole purpose of making non-segmented promotional contacts with the database subscribers.




Method of Data Collection


MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. will only collect and compile personal data after user consent. This collection will occur through the submission by users of data and consent forms in our website.



MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. can collect your personal data in different ways: Google Analytics Inc, to understand the user’s behavior inside the website; E-Goi forms application to retrieve the user’s personal information, if they give their consent, chat to retrieve personal information to begin a commercial relationship, and the javascript of social media applications to display some ads that will be tailored to the preferences of our users.


Whenever you access a website with cookies, you must be notified by a pop-up with a message. Web Server Logs can additionally collect information about the address of web pages that have been forwarded to our site and the IP of your device.


If you don’t want to share your behavior data you can turn off your cookies, your browser options, or make changes to the tools of Anti-Virus programs, such as Norton Internet Security. You can choose not to be crawled by Google Analytics by installing the browser plug-in available at




What data is collected?


Depending on the purpose, we may collect the following types of content:


a. Contact information (such as email, phone or address),

b. Location data (such as IP address),

c. Identity information (Name, job company, company)




Why we collect your data?


Personal data collected by MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. is processed exclusively for the specific, explicit, consensual and legitimate purposes identified at the time of its collection. For example:


  • Sending newsletters and promotion,

  • Maintenance of the content relevancy of the website,

  • Maintaining the relevance of content outside the website,

  • Establishing commercial relationships.




How long do we keep your data?


MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. treats and stores your data for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected and processed.


Some examples:


If we collect your name and email for email marketing purposes we collect your data indefinitely. We eliminate your data when you share your will to have it deleted.


If we register your web behavior in our website through cookies, we will then collect this data and analyze it in google analytics software. We can keep this behavior data indefinitely.




Your rights


To exercise your right to access, eliminate, rectify and to the portability of your personal data, you can send an email to the following address:


In this exercise of rights, you must specify the claim, which will be dealt with in a timely manner, within legal deadlines.




Sharing the data


MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. doesn’t share your personal data with third parties except, and according to law, in legal processes, dispute resolution and / or requests from public or governmental authorities, inside or outside the client’s country of residence.


GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation


MEEVO MKF – Máquinas Funcionais, Lda. reserves the right of changing this privacy police at anytime to go along with the European Union law. This privacy policy was created in July 15, 2018

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